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Optiprint Guide Resin MSDS
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Optiprint Model Resin MSDS
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Optiprint Splint Resin MSDS
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Optiprint Temp Resin MSDS
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CURIE User Manual
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SOL User Manual
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CLEANI Quick Start Guide
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CURIE Quick Start Guide
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SOL – Unboxing Your Printer
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SOL Quick Start Guide
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The latest version (19/08/2021) for SOL: Alpha 3D V3.0
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Alpha 3D (2.3.0)_Spotting islands & Auto + Manual Supports
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Alpha 3D Tutorials - Installation
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Alpha 3D Tutorials - Movement
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Alpha 3D Tutorials - Printing
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Alpha 3D Tutorials - Setting Up
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Alpha 3D Tutorials - Supports
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Alpha 3D Tutorials - View Controls
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SOL – Restoring Factory Settings
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SOL Maintenance – Cleaning the Vat
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SOL Maintenance – Removing the Print from the Build Platform
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SOL Maintenance – Replacing the Print Screen
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SOL Maintenance – Setting up a Network Connection
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SOL Maintenance – Using the Clean Vat Function
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Special Functions in Alpha 3D
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Operate your SOL in a temperature-controlled room, between 18°-25° C (64°-77° F).
SOL LCD 3D Printer Package Contents
You can print either over Wi-Fi or from your USB device.
You can easily operate your device from your computer. You can upload prints directly, and track print status. To set up your Wi-Fi connection:
There are four small boxes in the package and with the following contents:
SOL LCD 3D Printer Unboxing
The manufacturer is always adding new resins and improving functionality. If you are connected to the Internet, check for the latest firmware:
SOL LCD 3D Printer What you need