New Roland DisplayStudio™ makes it easy to offer your customers dynamic digital signage

The key to growing your business is keeping up with your customers' ever-changing needs. Today, that means digital signage should complement your existing services. Your customers already trust you with signs, banners, wraps and point-of-purchase graphics. Now, with Roland DisplayStudio, you can deliver powerful digital signage that keeps them coming back for more. And who better to get you started than the company that for over 25 years has delivered the world's best-selling, high-performance sign making equipment?

Roland DisplayStudio Digital Signage

Everything you need to get started.

Roland DisplayStudio provides a complete turnkey digital signage solution, including easy-to-use software, powerful digital media player, mounting hardware and commercial grade LCD monitor in your choice of sizes. Best of all, only DisplayStudio offers the world-class training and support you've come to expect from Roland. All backed by our 3-Year Trouble-Free Warranty.

Add Value to Printed Graphics.

With DisplayStudio and a Roland inkjet printer, you can combine both printed and digital signage into inspiring campaigns that drive home important branding and marketing messages alike. Spice up restaurant foyers with enticing images of today's specials. Add interest to waiting rooms and lobbies with company news broadcasts. Showcase new clothing lines, trade show promotions or compelling price reductions. Provide wayfinding signage that includes changing exhibits or promotional offers.

A Complete Solution from Design to Display.

Roland DisplayStudio comes with everything you need to integrate digital signage with your printed output for brilliant point-of-sale displays, retail signage, event graphics and a host of additional applications.You can combine images, text, logos and video clips into brilliant multimedia presentations and build playlists that allow you to change up your digital signage messaging on demand. And you can manage all of this from any Windows or Mac computer.

Trouble-free 3 year warranty

We've got your back.

Best of all, the DisplayStudio Digital Sign System is a Roland, bringing you everything you have come to expect from the most trusted name in sign making – outstanding, reliable product performance and the industry's most comprehensive service and support offering. In addition to renowned Roland Care service and support, every Roland DisplayStudio digital sign system comes with a 3-year Trouble Free Warranty for added peace of mind.

Create Captivating Digital Signs in Three Easy Steps

1. Convert

Using existing print signage graphics files, you can easily create digital signage with Roland DisplayStudio. Digital signs can be created with a simple static JPEG, or you can make your presentations more dynamic by incorporating animations found in software like PowerPoint. Watch the video

2. Create

With Roland DisplayStudio, any user can easily create, modify and schedule playlists. All content is uploaded using a convenient and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Included layout templates make it simple to add your own images and text to pre-designed templates for a variety of digital signs, such as menu boards, announcements, point-of-purchase displays and more. Watch the video

3. Schedule & Publish

Once your content is ready, it's easy to access the planning module, schedule the content by date, time, frequency and length, and publish your playlist on the desired screen or group of screens. Once published, you can update your lists right from your shop over the Internet, using your personal computer (compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms). Should changes be required after hours, your customers can make those revisions on site and on demand, using any computer connected with DisplayStudio. Watch the video

Drive the Monitor of Your Choice

With the Roland DisplayStudio media player, you can showcase your digital signs on any commercial display or video projector, or choose from our selection of commercial-grade 32," 40," 46" and 55" LED-backlit LCD displays designed to yield rich, vibrant colors and precise photographic imaging. Content can be displayed on either one individual monitor or on several screens simultaneously, making it easy for you to manage and personalize content across each of your customers' locations.

Combine Different File Formats

Roland DisplayStudio supports a wide variety of digital formats, including .MOV, .WMV, .JPEG, .PPT, .SWF, .PDF and .MP4 files. It can also be connected to the Internet to present live content streams such as websites, video surveillance footage and television stations, with all content saved as playlists.

Do a digital dance.

We’re excited to announce that Roland DisplayStudio won the Viscom Best of 2014 Award for innovative software! The judges were so impressed by Roland DisplayStudio and all it offers businesses, that it was the only winner in the Software category.