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A-to-Z of Printing: Print on Metal

Applying decals or vinyl wrapping metal items used to be the only choices for those who wanted to add graphics to metal. Today, we are offered many more metal customization options with Roland DG VersaUV flatbeds, Texart dye-sublimation printers, and MPX-90S impact printers that offer a myriad of sophisticated finishes and personalization results.

The following inspirational examples illustrate some of the spectacular results that can be achieved on metal products and materials with Roland DG technology.  

Make a Direct Statement with UV Printing on Metal

Uv_print_on_metal _merchandise

You can add fun, personal touches to metal products like “old-school” lunchboxes with Roland DG VersaUV LEJ-640FT flatbed printer technology. With a 6-inch print clearance, it’s the ideal solution for full-color, on-demand printing onto metal products like lunchboxes, metal packaging items and cases.  



With a choice of desktop and large-format UV flatbed devices, graphics customization experts can offer an entire inventory of custom metal products– printing onto business card holders, metal USB sticks, metal frames, dog tags and thousands of metal giftware items.  



Customize cylindrical metal items for cool custom products and packaging. With a RotaPrint accessory, VersaUV LEF printers can add stunning graphics to sports bottles, cans, and other cylindrical applications.


Get Artistic with Dye-sublimation and ChromaLuxe Panels


Print photos and artwork with Roland DG Texart dye-sublimation printers and heat transfer them onto specially-formulated Chromaluxe metal panels— producing brilliantly colorful results, including a pearlescent-textured effect that particularly complements photographic imagery.


Add Photo-Impact onto Metal Giftware with Impact Printing


Add photos, text and graphics onto silver, metal, platinum, gold and other metal materials with the MPX-95 impact printer— create “straight-from-the-heart “custom products that command very high prices.  


  • Roland DG provides a choice of graphics customization devices for putting art and designs onto metal. By personalizing giftware, drinkware, signage, and jewelry, you add considerable value to metal items and provide a unique service that sets you apart from many other graphic experts. 

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Ben Fellowes

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