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Post Processing for Roland DGA Resin Material
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3DX-MODGR - Roland DGA Resin Certificates
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3DXPRINT - 3rd Party Material Packages Available
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Which resins can I use with my printer?
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Why do I need to cure a resin after printing?
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Why the does the Resin Color Look Different
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3DXPRINT - Environment Requirements
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3DXWORKS Slicing Software is a fast and simple slicing file generator that integrates model arranging, drain hole editing, support generation and slicing functions.
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3DXPRINT Online Store
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Quick Start Guide 3DXCURE
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3DXPRINT - Accessories Included with 3DPrinter
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3DXPRINT - Additional Accessories
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Quick Start Guide 3DXPRINT
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3DXWASH - Quick Start Guide
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3DXWORKS - How to Import a Printer
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3DXWORKS - Retrieving the Latest Material Packages
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3DXWORKS - System Requirements
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3DXPRINT - How to Clean the Fan Filter
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To maintain the LED light panel, inspect the surface of the LED lens for dust, resin, or contamination using a flashlight or cellphone light. Follow the guidelines provided by Roland DGA to clean the surface of the LED lens.
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Effect of resin viscosity on curing time
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What happens if I stop the curing process
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