Roland DG MDX-20 | Mister Minit

Dutch Repair Shop Chooses MDX-20 for Cost-Effective Engraving

Mister Minit   |   Aarhus, Denmark

Mister Minit is a franchise company headquartered in Japan whose stores provide shoe repair, key copying, engraving and watch repair. Henning Mogensen owns one of the Danish Mister Minit shops, situated in StorCenter Nord in Aarhus.

Mogensen’s shop is quite small, with interior space of no more than 13' x 13' (4 x 4 meters). In addition to shoe repair, the store also offers name plates and engraving. Mogensen has owned the shop for two years, and before that worked for 16 years in a similar shop.

“A little more than a year ago I read in a Danish computer magazine called Alt om Data a review of various milling machines and their applications,” Mogensen explains. “The test showed that the value of a Roland DG MDX-20 milling machine was easily the best on the market. But the article concluded that milling machines are still too expensive for ordinary people to afford. And then I thought that if it is too expensive for ordinary people, maybe I could afford it in my shop.”

"The test showed that the value of a Roland DG MDX-20 milling machine was easily the best on the market."

He pursued the idea and contacted Roland DG who sold him an MDX-20. The advantages of using a milling machine for engraving are easily evident. For one thing, it is much less expensive to change fonts on a milling machine. An ordinary set of engraving fonts typically costs $1,437 (€1000), but the MDX-20 features a wide range of included fonts. Furthermore, you are always certain that the material is centered when using a computer. “Doing the job the traditional way, you often have to work quite hard at getting the plate centered,” said Mogensen.

He continued, “The MDX-20 is perfect for my needs because it is so small. It fits perfectly where it is placed.”