Savi Customs

Industry Leader Found its Niche with Dye-Sublimated Production

Savi Customs   |   San Diego, California

Finding the right niche at the right time can really fire up your business.  “Switching to dye-sublimated production doubled our business in four years,” said Savi Customs’ General Manager Jeremy DeBoer. 

The burgeoning manufacturer, located in San Diego, California, began in 2003 as a uniform company. Through an opportunity with the National Hot Rod Association, Savi Customs quickly shifted focus to dye-sublimation decoration and manufacturing.  

“The print quality we're able to achieve with the DX7 heads is much better than what our previous printers could deliver, due to the dot size.”

Today Savi Customs provides product to some of the biggest names in racing and athletics.  In its new state-of-the-art 18,000-square-foot facility, Savi Customs has installed a fleet of seven Roland DG Texart XT-640 high volume dye-sublimation printers, ensuring its production is more consistent and accurate than ever before.  

Producing the Finest Quality Apparel

Savi Customs serves many industries worldwide, including sportswear, movie and entertainment, racing and promotional products. They produce sublimated crew shirts, polo shirts, jerseys, board shorts and accessories. Many of Savi Customs’ products are private labeled, and OEM athletic products, such as team sports apparel, are among their largest accounts.
“Unfortunately, we did not start out with Roland DG inkjets,” said DeBoer. “But we soon realized there were better options, and now, we have worked our way up to seven XT-640s.”
Savi Customs uses different ink configurations to create its range of colorful, dye-sublimated production.  Several of its XT-640s run with 4-color CMYK inks, and some with 8-color, either in CMYK+LcLmOrVi or CMYK+OrViFpFy format.  “The print quality we’re able to achieve with the DX7 heads is much better than what our previous printers could deliver, due to the dot size,” noted DeBoer.

Looking Ahead

As for what lies ahead, DeBoer says, “We like to think of ourselves as industry leaders. We live on the edge of what is new with sublimated product manufacturing.  We hope to head up how manufacturing is done in this industry.”