DGSHAPE Americas Announces Release of New DWindeX2 Software for All Current DWX Series Milling Machines | Roland

DGSHAPE Americas Announces Release of New DWindeX2 Software for All Current DWX Series Milling Machines


DGSHAPE Americas has announced the release of new DWindeX2 Software for all current DWX series dental mills.

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Irvine, California, October 26, 2021 – Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Americas dental business group has announced the release of new DWindeX2 performance visualization software. This powerful, user-friendly software enables easy monitoring of all current DWX series mills – including the DWX-42W, DWX-52D, DWX-52DC and DWX-52DCi models – from one location. Previous versions of DWindeX software allowed single location monitoring of DWX-52DCi mills only. The enhanced features and capabilities of new DWindex2 make it simple for users to minimize downtime and maximize return on investment.

DWindex2 features an enhanced dashboard with artificial intelligence (AI) that allows users to monitor and collect data on milling machine performance, maintenance, productivity, and more. An easy-to-read dashboard provides a summary of material and tool usage for each device, as well as machine error history, operation hours utilization, and maintenance history. The DWindeX2 software’s intuitive AI technology significantly reduces downtime by offering remote mill management and live views.

“We are excited about the introduction of our next-generation DwindeX2 software, which will further improve the overall DWX mill user experience,” said Lisa Aguirre, Roland DGA’s dental solutions product manager. “It’s our goal to provide not only efficient, reliable, easy-to-use dental mills, but also innovative software that streamlines workflow, increases convenience, and optimizes productivity and profitability.”

DGSHAPE DWX series mill owners can start using DWindeX2 today, by clicking on the following link, and following the instructions for downloading and installing the software:  https://www.dgshape.com/en/dwindex2/dwindex2_installation_instructions_en_2102_00/. To learn more about DWindeX2 software, or the complete line of DGSHAPE dental products and accessories, visit: www.dgshapeamericas.com.


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