Solucione sus problemas de software con estas informativas entradas de blog. Las entradas proporcionan instrucciones paso a paso para VersaWorks y otros programas de software de producción Roland, así como información básica sobre integración a Photoshop, Illustrator y otros programas de software comúnmente usados.
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Career Path Infographic— Design and Engineering Education with Roland Technology

The following infographic illustrates the ways in which Roland assists in career growth, including the new machines, Project Based Learning tutorials, and other ways that Roland is providing support for students and teachers. 

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Synchronize Your Color Workspace

We all know that there are many output factors that can affect color (heat, resolution, ink limit, profile, spot colors, etc.) There are also factors on the input side (occurring before you even bring a file into queue) that will influence the way the colors in a file will print. Creating a synchronized color works pace within your design software will give you the best chance of having predictable color across different design platforms and file types.

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Getting Set-up for Stickers

When it comes to producing stickers, proper set-up can help streamline your workflow and save you valuable production time. Here are two cut settings in Adobe Illustrator and Roland VersaWorks that will help you increase efficiency and reduce waste when printing stickers and decals.

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How to Replace Specialty Spot Colors in VersaWorks

In the Fall of 2012 we released a new, upgraded version of VersaWorks (4.8), with several new features, including six PANTONE® libraries that expand your spot color matching capabilities. A complete overview of these new libraries and all other VersaWorks features is located in the software section of our website.

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VersaWorks Step & Repeat Function Makes Creating Patterns Easy

The Step & Repeat feature in VersaWorks allows you to fill a specified area with rows and columns of duplicated images. Each row or column can have its position shifted from the previous duplicates, creating a unique pattern. This feature is perfect for producing wall coverings and textile printing, or any application that involves patterns.

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