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Impresión sobre Plancha de Goma Espuma
Printing on Foam Board
Roland customization solutions include a range of desktop and large-format devices for printing directly onto, or creating graphics for foam board, foamcore, Sintra®, and other PVC foamed products. Whether you need a simple vinyl graphics solution or you’re looking for full-color graphics customization of full-sheets of foam board, Roland provides you with reliable devices that run non-stop and offer the highest quality print results.

Direct Printing onto Foam Board with VersaUV

Roland VersaUV devices allow users to print directly onto foam board. From small foam board signage, POP, display and personal signage applications to large-format customization of full-sheets for tradeshow, event and advertising displays, Roland’s range of UV print devices offer an on-demand printing solution for all company sizes and production needs. VersaUV devices also feature Eco-UV Gloss ink options for 3D textures, braille and embossed effects.

Inkjet Printers and Foam Board Customization

Roland eco-solvent printers and printer/cutters create graphics with ultra-bright and dynamic colors that catch people’s attention. Print vinyl graphics with a TrueVIS series printer/cutter or other Roland eco-solvent machine to guarantee outstanding results on foam board signs, displays, POP’s, store graphics, advertisements and more.


Cut Vinyl Graphics for Foam Boards

Cut Vinyl Graphics
for Foam Boards

Create yard signs, temporary signs, sales signs and more with Roland vinyl cutters that quickly and efficiently cut graphics for foam board applications. Cut company logos, information, directional signs and other messaging with desktop and large format Roland devices that offer a simply affordable and effective signage solution.
Cut Vinyl Graphics for Foam Boards
VersaUV Flatbeds
VersaUV Flatbeds

Print Directly onto Foam Board with VersaUV Flatbeds

Roland supplies a range of desktop, benchtop and large-format UV flatbed and hybrid printers that print directly onto foam board for a fast, convenient and versatile printing solution. With the addition of Gloss inks, users can add unique textures, patterns, braille and other effects.


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Roland Inkjet Printers
Roland Inkjet Printers

Printing on Foam Board with Roland Inkjet Printers

Print designs onto vinyl with Roland inkjet devices that include TrueVIS series printer/cutters that bring your prints to life with stunning color quality, the VersaEXPRESS RF-640 that produces photorealistic imagery, and the VersaStudio BN-20 desktop printer/cutter for small signage and foam board poster applications.


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Roland Cutters
Roland Cutters

Cut graphics for Foam Board with Roland Cutters

GR series large format cutters and the GS-24 desktop cutter offer customers fast and affordable vinyl cutting solutions for foam board signage. They fulfill the needs of graphics professionals with media versatility, accuracy, and state-of-the-art cutting features.


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