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EJ INK system

Tinta EJ

    Cartucho de un litro a US$ 179,99 (US$ 0,18 por ml)
  • Disponible en CMYK con tintas adicionales:
    - Cyan Ligero
    - Magenta Ligero
    - Negro Ligero
La Tinta EJ es una tinta eco-solvente de próxima generación de Roland DG que ofrece una durabilidad en exteriores a largo plazo, amplia compatibilidad con materiales de impresión, y resultados gráficos sobresalientes; todo a un precio económico. Diseñada para largos procesos de producción, se seca rápido y puede ser intercambiada sin detener el proceso de producción.

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Big Ink at a Small Price

EJ INK is delivered in a bulk ink system from 1-liter cartridges through a 220 ml sub tank, allowing for ink cartridge swap-out without stopping the print process. The 1-liter cartridges are priced at $179.99 each ($0.18 per ml) and save users up to 35% over other printers.

SOLJET EJ-640 high-volume printer
SOLJET EJ-640 high-volume printer

Quick to Dry and Tough to Scratch

Combined with the EJ-640’s integrated tri-heater system, EJ INK dries fast. Even in high-speed modes it offers quick and even drying results that enhance image brightness and quality. Due to the speed of drying, EJ INK offers greater scratch and chemical resistance with durability up to three-years outdoors without lamination.

Same Eco-Solvent Ink Quality with Added Configurations

Although EJ INK is an economical ink, it doesn’t compromise on quality. Its quick drying formula enhances image saturation and offers the same ink brightness and image sharpness you’ve come to expect from Roland. With dual-CMYK plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black ink options on the EJ-640, users can create graphics with finer details, smoother gradations and more neutral grays.


  • Available in 1-liter cartridges that save up to 35% over other printers
  • Bulk ink system includes 220 ml sub tank for ink cartridge swap-out without stopping printing
  • Combines with EJ-640 tri-heater system for fast drying times and enhanced image saturation
  • Unmatched long-term outdoor durability – scratch and chemical resistant
  • Broad media support – print on a wide range of materials including heat sensitive substrates
  • 7 color CMYKLcLmLk mode
    • Light cyan, light magenta and light black, provide vibrant color, smooth gradations and neutral greys
  • 4 color dual CMYK (x2) mode
    • Combines with EJ-640’s mirrored print head operation to help eliminate chromatic banding