New “Fakes” from Roland DG
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New “Fakes” from Roland DG

In preparation for Label Expo, we wanted to show off some great samples of work that we can do on our machines – so first, we needed to design a bunch of Roland DG branded or fake product labels, find stuff to stick them on and go to town. Here’s a sample of some of our “fake” products!

Roland DG Branded Label Expo Samples

Label Expo “Fakes”

Each showed off a printing technique unique to the VersaUV – to showcase it’s capabilities. For example, we showcased 1440dpi, 4pt text, matte & gloss finishes, white underprinting, texture or 3D printing, creasing and perf cutting – all on label stock you’d actually use for the final job.

Products on display at the show

(Topic for discussion: Do the samples you show your customers showcase your company’s unique capabilities?)

In the end, the samples went over great at the show, as a conversation starter and an opportunity spark further discussion once we had a chance to talk about all the key features of the prints.

PS: In the category of “it’s a small world,” when I returned from Label Expo and received an Orchid as a gift, I noticed the tag was done by MasterTag, and I’d just talked to their CEO, Rick at the show. Definitely a small world – or was it that all of a sudden I’m paying more attention like Dave mentioned in his Sales 101 blog?

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