CAMM-1 GR-420 Large Format Cutter Knowledge Article | Roland DGA

CAMM-1 GR-420 42" Large Format Cutter

GR Cutter Motor Error S[01] F[00]
The GR Cutter displays Motor Error S[01] F[00]
​The GR Cutter displays Motor Error S[01] F[00]


​1. A heavy load was placed on the motor, and forced the motor error
2. Cutting thick material can cause this error
3. Material was pulled off suddenly from the supply role. No material was feeding forward
4. An overload was placed on the machine due to a material jam or a similar cause

​1. Turn off the power, turn on the power, and then load the material again.
2. When cutting thick material, set the quality setting to [HEAVY].
3. Perform the following steps if there is a jam in the material and prohibits the initial operation during power on.
A.  Turn the power off
B.  Move the cutting carriage to the right edge of the machine by hand
C.  Turn the power on (the pinch rollers automatically raise)
D.  Clear the material jam
April 27, 2020