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Las siguientes entradas de blog han sido redactadas para informar a nuestros lectores sobre software, aplicaciones, herramientas y máquinas de corte. Si usted está buscando artículos específicos sobre los programas de software VersaWorks o CutStudio de Roland, o desea información sobre etiquetas, calcomanías, vestimentas y otros productos que puede producir con una cortadora Roland, está en el sitio correcto. Desde artículos entretenidos sobre proyectos de corte hasta información técnica, ésta es una auténtica central de conocimientos de maquinarias de corte.

Our Take on The Rules of Wrap

One of the things we at Roland DG love most about wide-format graphics is their ability to transform just about anything into something completely different. If this strikes a chord with you, then you must really love vehicle wraps. They’re just plain cool.

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Creating a Set of “Trick Chromed” Toyota Decals

Mark Roberts is the owner of The InterSign Group, a Houston-based company specializing in business branding, identification, marketing and way-finding. In addition to running a successful business, Mark writes “how to” sign-making and digital printing articles and is a regular contributor to Sign Builder Illustrated magazine. We have invited Mark to share his insights as a Roland DGA guest blogger.

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Great Accessories to Keep Your GX Clean

As a GX-24 or GX Pro owner, you may keep your machine in a shop or warehouse environment where the dirt can accumulate pretty fast. Aside from the “ick” factor, a dirty environment can build up static, affecting cut quality. The perfect solution for the mess? A catch basket to protect the graphics and a machine cover to protect the technology! These affordable accessories, made from durable thick nylon materials and powder coated steel for long life, will keep dirt away from the machine that drives your business. Purchase these and other GX accessories from your authorized reseller or directly from the Roland DGA Store.

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How to View Curved Text and Other Effects in CutStudio

Curved text is a must have when doing sports or any other type of apparel appliqués. So if your text effects in Adobe® Illustrator®, such as curves, are not properly displaying in the CutStudio plug-in window, try “expanding” the text to get the desired effect. This can be done by highlighting the graphic and choosing “Object/Expand” or “Object/Expand Appearance” in order to turn the text into vector lines that can be understood by the CutStudio software plug-in. This works with just about any effect that does not register in the plug-in window. Once it displays correctly, all that is left is to output the job to the cutter!

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