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The Sun will rise again

This can't be happening I thought when I first heard the news that a major earthquake had struck northern Japan. I had the same feeling when I heard that a devastating tsunami followed the earthquake. And again when I heard that the nuclear energy plant had lost power and was out of control. Can this really be happening all at the same time? Sadly, the answer turned out to be yes.

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From the LA Auto Show

I love going to the auto show. As a kid growing up in the Detroit suburbs, it was an annual affair. I can still remember the excitement of seeing all the new models (both the 4-wheel and 2-leg versions), the lights, the music, the electricity in the air. These annual treks probably had as much to do with me being a "car guy" today as anything else.

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Monday Moanin'

What’s with all the economists making predictions lately? I suppose that’s what economists are paid to do, but on any given day we can read that the economy is heading into another recession, or that the economy is slowly improving, or some combination of the two. Come on, can’t we all just get along?

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