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Milling tool referacne guide including end mill specifications for individual tools as well as long Reach and short reach tool kits.
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List of MDX material suppliers.
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This manual provides instructions on how to perform double-sided cutting with SRM-20 using SRP Player and Modela Player 4.
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Art Center - Roland Education in 3D Video
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Windows 10
This document (PDF) lists instructions of how to install Roland drivers on Windows 10.
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OS Compatibility List
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Windows 7
Monofab ARM-10/SRM-20 Windows 7 (32-bit) Driver ver. 1.50
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Monofab ARM-10/SRM-20 Windows 7 (64-bit) Driver ver. 1.50
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Windows 8
Monofab ARM-10/SRM-20 Windows 8 (32-bit) Driver ver.1.50
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Monofab ARM-10/SRM-20 Windows 8 (64-bit) Driver ver. 1.50
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Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) for AS-10 Adhesive Sheets
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NC-Code referance manual for all MDX Series Milling Machines
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Web version of the OnSupport Manual. For VG2-540 and VG2-640 TrueVIS printers update OnSupport to version 2.90 or higher.
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SRM-20 User Manual (Ver.3)
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SRM-20 Users Manual (Spanish)
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SRM-20 User Manual French
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SRM-20 User Manual, Double Sided Cutting French
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This document discusses Roland DGA's Depot Repair Policies
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This document describes the procedure for replacing the spindle motor (SM-20) on the SRM-20. If you are replacing the spindle unit and the motor at the same time, refer to the Spindle Unit (SS-20) Replacement Manual.
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This document describes the procedure for replacing the spindle unit (SS-20) on the SRM-20.
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Sample file, .stl format
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SRM-20 sample file found in the user manual.
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SRM-20 sample file found in the user manual.
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This is an online manual that must be read after this guide. It contains instructions about work that must be carried out before using the machine such as downloading and installing software and the User's Manual.
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Guía sobre cómo instalar el SRP Player para la SRM-20
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Guide on how to install the SRP player on the SRM-20
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Most Roland devices are supplied with a one year standard manufacturer’s warranty, but by registering your device within 60 days of purchase, your product could qualify for an extended warranty of up to 3 years*.
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ClickMill Updater ver. 1.32. Upgrade from ClickMill ver. 1.00 and 1.11 or above.
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iMCreator Updater ver. 1.20
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This is the updater for the Modela Player 4 ver. 2.12. Modela Player 4 must be installed prior to applying this update.
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This is an updater for SRP Player version 1.30. SRP Player must be installed in order for this updater to work.
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SRP Player Software Update v1.40
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This is an updater for SRP Player version 1.24. SRP Player must be installed in order for this updater to work.
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The following is the software package for Virtual Modela v1.71.
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The following is the updater for Virtual Modela v1.71. In order to use this upgrade you must have the software application installed.
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Follow this link to the Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand webpage. Then filter through the videos to find a training session that suits your needs.
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Since 1986, Roland has been at the forefront of 3D fabrication, delivering tens of thousands of milling machines and the industry's best support for a wide variety of applications.
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HELP!! I can't find the driver I need for my Roland!
General information about OnSupport
All Roland devices with a USB, Parallel (LPT), or Serial (COM) port need a driver to communicate with a computer. For Roland products compatible with Apple Macintosh operating systems, a plugin is used with Adobe Illustrator. For Roland devices with an Ethernet port, the output software (e.g. - RIP)includes the driver as part of the application.
When outputting a design to your engraver or milling machine, the software needs to be able to translate commands to the device. These commands tell the machine how fast to mill, at what revolutions per minute (RPM), and where to mill in 3D space. This is what makes up a toolpath. A Strategy is a combination of tool movements, material properties, software algorithms, and tool characteristics.