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High resolution video of tracing raster artwork in CutStudio software using the Image Outline function.
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Windows 10
OS Compatibility List
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Windows 2000
Model : STX-7, STX-8, SX-8, SX-12, SX-15, SV-8, SV-12, SV-15 OS : Windows2000,
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Windows 95/98, Windows Me
Model : STX-7, STX-8, SX-8, SX-12, SX-15, SV-8, SV-12, SV-15 OS : Windows95, Windows98, WindowsMe Please follow the instruction described in readme.txt for installation.
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Windows Vista
Stika Driver SV SX Windows VISTA 32 bit v1.30. Zip Format
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Windows XP
Stika Driver for Windows XP 32 Bit V1.22. Zip format.
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Dr. Stika Sign software FAQs
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Dr. Stika User Manual
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Users manul details set up and operation instructions for the Cut Choice software. This software supports the following output devices: CAMM-1 PRO CX-300, CX-400 and CX-500. STIKA SX-8, SX-12 and SX-15.
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Users Manual for Stika Vinyl Cutters SX-8, SX-12 and SX-15, English
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Users manual for Stika Vinyl Cutters SX-8, SX-12 and SX-15, French
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This documents reviews the current Roland DGA depot repair policy
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Installation manual for CutChoice plugin and CorelDraw11
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This guide PDF includes port testing instructions for the Roland Stika vinyl cutters.
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Dr. Stika Updater, v2.20
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Follow this link to the Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand webpage. Then filter through the videos to find a training session that suits your needs.
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This troubleshooting guide will show you how to Install the CutStudio Plug-In into Adobe Illustrator. CC 20152017201820192020
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Instructions on how to download the Roland CutStudio Plugin for CorelDraw.
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