Jurim Dental Studio

Digital Dentistry Fuels Expansion for Jurim Dental Studio

Jurim Dental Studio   |   Woodbury, New York

Technology and skill have always been the keys to success for Jurim Dental Studio in Woodbury, New York.  Jurim recently built an ultra modern, 25,000 square foot facility complete with a dental lab, a fully digital dental office called integratedDENTAL, and Jurim Dental Academy.  Director of Technology Sunil “Sunny” Abraham oversees all three branches, while also lecturing, and training doctors and labs.  

Finding the Right Dental Milling Solution
To anchor their milled production, Jurim relies on Roland DG’s DWX-50 five-axis dental milling machines. “Roland DG mills accommodate a 0.3-millimeter bur, so we can produce restorations with precisely defined pits and fissures for highly aesthetic occlusal anatomy,” said Abraham.

“Our DWX-50s have paid for themselves and helped us grow our business”

Before purchasing their mills, Abraham researched the market extensively. ROI was an important factor.  “Our calculations showed we would be making a profit on anything over three units a day. Also, units come out of the Roland DG mill 75-80 percent finished, which reduces post-processing costs,” said Abraham. 

Expanding Digital Dentistry
Jurim started with a single DWX-50 mill, and soon purchased a second one to allow for uninterrupted production.

The open architecture of Roland DG mills allows Jurim Dental Studio to accept cases from a variety of intraoral scanning systems.  “We can collaborate with doctors in Great Britain with the same ease as with doctors located just minutes away,” he said.  

Jurim Dental Studio mills primarily in Zirconia and PMMA, with the bulk of its workload split between crowns and bridges, and implants. They also produce night guards and sleep apnea devices, partial frameworks, and dentures.  

Jurim values the precision of its Roland DG dental mills, especially for complex implant cases. “With continuous five-axis milling, we can mill anything at an angle of roughly 15 degrees, ensuring the patient receives the best possible fit,” said Abraham.

Keeping it Simple: Use and Maintenance
Abraham notes that the DWX-50 “has been a breeze to use.”  Abraham has his new CAD/CAM employees watch and review Roland DG’s training materials.  “With these resources, I can train a new technician in less than a week,” he added.

“Our DWX-50s have paid for themselves and helped us grow our business.  Just as importantly, they have enabled us to provide a higher quality product.”