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Diamond Jewelry Designer Makes Wax Models Overnight on JWX-10

Vasken Design   |   San Francisco, California

Vasken Tanielian grew up studying fine art and architecture in Paris. He later parlayed his artistic background into a lifelong passion for creating custom jewelry. As a 10-year instructor at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts the owner of Vasken Design and, he specializes in spectacular diamond rings, pendants and earrings.

After years of hand carving wax models, Vasken now uses a Roland DG JWX-10. “I love this little machine,” he said. “It's so quiet and clean. And I hardly ever have to sit at my wax bench anymore.”

“I can do my designs at home in the evenings and mill has the wax model waiting for me in the morning!”

The CAD/CAM technology helps Vasken by produce wax models that used to be incredibly time consuming or even impossible to carve by hand. He is quickly producing wax models with better detail and symmetry than ever before.

“In addition to giving me the ability to improve my designs, CAD/CAM technology has made my life easier and less stressful,” said Vasken. “I can do my designs at home in the evenings and mill has the wax model waiting for me in the morning!”

Vasken typically pencils a rough rendering of the design on paper to capture a customer’s vision. Next, he creates a virtual model using 3DESIGN CAD software right in front of the customer, who can usually approve the design right on the spot. He then uses Protowizard software to convert the STL file model into CNC code that drives the JWX-10 through a Windows printer.

The ease-of-use of the Roland DG CAM solution gives Vasken more time to focus on the creative side of jewelry design. Plus, with precision cuts and detailed resolutions up to 0.002mm/step, the 4-axis model maker captures every subtle nuance of his designs.

“Times have changed,” said Vasken. “CAD/CAM technology has advanced and the jewelry industry has caught up, don't be left behind. This doesn't mean hand work is no longer needed. Good hand skills will make the work of CAD/CAM even better. CAD/CAM is just another good tool at your bench.”

To view Vasken’s work, visit He teaches casting, fabrication, platinum, repair, rendering, and wax carving.