Side benefit to working at Roland DGA – “Rock & Roll”
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Side benefit to working at Roland DGA – “Rock & Roll”

Wrapped V-Drums at the 2011 NAMM Show

I never intended on staying with Roland DGA. There. I said it. When I started back in 1993, and with my background as a (then) semi-professional musician (warning: the linked photo features hairstyles of a somewhat graphic nature. Keep in mind, this photo was taken in the 80’s), I had intended to move from Roland DGA to Roland DG Music. I figured the inter-company transfer would be easier than trying to get in the front door at music. I thought it’d be sooooo cool to work in the music industry. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t leave, as Roland DGA’s a great place to work, I get to work with some interesting folks, and we’ve experienced great growth as an industry vs. the music side of the business.

One of the side benefits to working for Roland DG is that every year, I get the chance to attend the NAMM show. If you’re not familiar, it’s the biggest music show in the US, and typically packed with all the latest new gear and some famous musicians. Restricted to music retailers, the show doesn’t just let everyone in off the street – so it’s quite the hot ticket to get.

Worlds collided this year when Roland DG Music asked us to help them wrap a new drum set they’d be featuring along with a new “Made in America” digital piano. We enlisted the help of Iconography Studios, who did the wraps and have also photo blogged it. Both were featured in the Roland DG booth, and while I was there, people were constantly taking pictures. Big hits!

So, this gets me to thinking. Vehicle wraps are certainly the biggest thing today. What’s next? What’s the next big thing we’ll all be talking about wrapping next? Tuba’s maybe? More drums? I dunno, but would love to hear about what strange and different things you’ve wrapped. Send them to us. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on our blog or website.

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Roland DG’s Wrapped Digital Piano

Rick Scrimger

Rick Scrimger

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