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Impresión sobre Mosaicos

Printing on Tiles

Roland DG supplies advanced machine technology that allows users to print onto decorative tiles, stone tiles, rocks and glass tiles. With customization solutions that include Texart dye-sublimation printers and VersaUV printers, you can achieve high-end, high-value customization results for art, home décor, branding, interior design, and other profitable applications.

Colorful Printing on Decorative Tiles

Create unique interiors by adding company brands or original artwork to decorative tiles. Roland DG offers two machine solutions for creating custom graphics for backsplashes, murals and wall details in homes, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other locations. Print directly onto tiles with VersaUV printers or create printed graphics for dye-sublimation heat transfer application with Texart printers.


Tiles with Texture and Customization that Rocks

Directly print onto everything from ceramic tiles to glass tiles, and even slate and roughly-textured stone products with VersaUV flatbed printers. A range of ceramic tile printing machines that include desktop-sized LEF models offer quality color results as well as amazing Gloss ink textures for adding a unique tactile element to your designs that you can see as well as feel.


Fluorescent Tile Graphics and Metal Decoration

With a choice of sublimation tile blanks, Texart Dye-sublimation tile printing machines offer brilliant tile customization as part of a dye-sublimation workflow. Featuring fluorescent inks with a choice of hundreds of bold neon colors and subtle pastel shades, XT-640 and RT-640 printers are the ideal choice for tile and décor applications. In addition, Texart printers can produce graphics for ChromaLuxe metal photo panels, providing sophisticated custom tile applications.


Impresoras de Cama Plana VersaUV

Imprima Directamente sobre Mosaicos con las
Impresoras de Cama Plana VersaUV

Roland suministra una gama de impresoras de cama plana UV de sobremesa, de escritorio y de gran escala que pueden imprimir directamente sobre superficies de cerámica, mosaico y piedra. Con la adición del Barniz Transparente los usuarios pueden agregar texturas, patrones y texto en relieve.

Vea las Impresoras de Cama Plana VersaUV

Impresoras de Sublimación de Tinta Texart™

Cree Gráficos para Mosaicos con las
Impresoras Texart™

Disponibles en modelos de 162 cm, los dispositivos de sublimación Texart™ de Roland ofrecen una impresión de termotransferencia simplemente brillante sobre mosaicos en blanco así como sobre paneles fotográficos ChromaLuxe y demás artículos decorativos.

Vea las Impresoras de Sublimación de Tinta Texart™