Preparing Grab Cad and Google Warehouse Files for Milling on your MDX
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Preparing Grab Cad and Google Warehouse FIles for Milling on your MDX

Flat parts created on a CNC router

Looking for new modeling files for your MDX? There are a couple of great libraries that can access for free. The first we recommend is Grab Cad. Grab Cad files are very high resolution, easy to download, and most are already .stl or Solidwork files.

Alternatively, you can access Google Warehouse for files, and then download them for viewing in the free Google Sketchup 3D modeling tool. These files can be exported to .stl for fabrication in your MDX. The downside with Google Warehouse is the program’s low resolution. With simple 2D parts like those shown in the robot on the right, this is not a big issue. But, for curved objects like a car body, you are better off using a big mill bit to smooth over the surfaces to get a smooth, high quality model.

Assembled parts create 'SPKR bot'

To get decent results from a Google Warehouse design like this Acura Integra (below), split the model into pieces for a 3-axis milling job in foam. Once the parts are milled they can be cut out and assembled together into a 3D model. The model quality for this job was acceptable and the manufacturing time was just three hours.

Follow this link to export Google Sketchup models to .stl using the free plugin.

Acura Integra Design Integra Foam Model

Roland DGA

Roland DGA

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