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Encabezado de Corte e Impresión

Cómo Usar la Opción “Cut & Print” (“Cortar e Imprimir”)

El Consejo de esta semana describe los pasos para usar el útil modo de operación “Cut & Print” (“Cortar e Imprimir”) en VersaWorks® 6. Si algunos de sus clientes trabajan bastante en aplicaciones HTM, esta función puede ayudarles a optimizar su flujo de trabajo reduciendo el tiempo de secado al imprimir y cortar películas HTM más delgadas.

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Select the CustomCUT in VersaWorks for Letter Perfect Registration

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to improve registration of printing and cutting when producing small decals? Well, it turns out that there is. It’s a bit hidden in VersaWorks™ , but with CustomCUT, you are able to setup segments between printing and cutting that improve registration, especially when dealing with small objects in high quantities.

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One Machine or Two? The Print & Cut Dilemma

In show business, a triple threat is someone who can sing, dance, and act. At Roland, we’ve mastered the three disciplines of printing, cutting, and printing and cutting together. Like many Hollywood triple threats, we have found that one aspect of our talents has often overshadowed the others. In our case, we have become very well known for integrated print/cut devices. We offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and have been the leaders in the segment since we introduced the first integrated machines over 18 years ago.

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Stickers-on-the-Go… Everybody’s Doing It

Stickers. Decals. Lettering. It’s not something that an average person ponders on a regular basis, but if we had a means, I bet we’d all use custom stickers quite regularly. This thought occurred to me as I was looking through our list of owners for the STIKA portable vinyl cutters. What an assortment of small businesses, large businesses, schools and just regular people. The STIKA is being used for custom decals, t-shirt deco, personalized gifts, bakeries, realty signage and so much more.

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