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Lotus Mad Max F1 car

Roland Se Une a la Furia con El Auto de Fórmula Uno Lotus de Mad Max

Roland Se Une a la Furia con El Auto de Fórmula Uno Lotus de Mad Max Lo más probable es que la mayoría de usuarios de equipos de rotulación de vehículos Roland y otros fanáticos de las máquinas Roland ya hayan visto la película Mad Max: Furia en el Camino, con su espectacular variedad de hot-rods y demás máquinas extrañas y maravillosas. Lo que usted quizás no sepa es que Roland DG jugó un pequeño papel en la promoción de esta película con un muy especial auto de fórmula uno que parece haber pasado más tiempo en los desolados desiertos de Australia persiguiendo al elusivo Max que en una pista de carreras.

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One Machine or Two? The Print & Cut Dilemma

In show business, a triple threat is someone who can sing, dance, and act. At Roland, we’ve mastered the three disciplines of printing, cutting, and printing and cutting together. Like many Hollywood triple threats, we have found that one aspect of our talents has often overshadowed the others. In our case, we have become very well known for integrated print/cut devices. We offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and have been the leaders in the segment since we introduced the first integrated machines over 13 years ago.

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Back To School

Last week, I had the chance to spend some time with Roland end users at one of our "Digital Printing Boot Camp” classes, and as always, I enjoyed the experience, and came away impressed. One of the things I particularly noticed was just how varied our users are. Even with a class of about 10, we had Roland owners from every region of the US, as well as one from Canada.

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