Meanwhile in Japan: New Product R&D
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Meanwhile in Japan: New Product R&D

As we arrived at our headquarters

Roland DG is a Japanese company. While the name doesn't sound like it, it actually is. Our counterparts in Japan come over to Roland DGA's territory for shows and meetings with us fairly often, but a once or twice a year I head over to Hamamatsu Japan for meetings and to get the latest on new products in our pipeline. This time, we sent our sales, product management and field engineering teams over to have them see, first-hand, what R&D is working on and what we have coming. There's no way for me to translate every product detail or the excitement the engineers have for our products when I visit, so it's important for them to see it for themselves.

We were bussed around and when we arrived at our headquarters, DG personnel rolled out the red carpet. It was humbling to be greeted with such appreciation and enthusiasm. Every employee poured out of the building and cheered and clapped when we got off the bus at each building we toured – including our headquarters, factory and R&D center. It continued as we walked in the buildings and down the halls. Wow!

The important part of our trip was seeing new products, and the buzz that this generated within our group was palpable. While they are on various schedules to come to the market, it's exciting to know that we've got some great stuff coming. Obviously, I can't disclose what they all are, but know that you'll see some incredible products from us in the coming years.

Wandering through R&D

I can't thank our Japanese partners enough for our reception, and I know I speak for all of our team when I say it was an incredible trip. Domo arigato!

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Rick Scrimger

Rick Scrimger

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