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IU-1000F Industrial Flatbed Printer

Hissing noise when printing second side of two sided job.
When printing on IU-1000F, the printer hisses much louder when printing the second side.
Issue: When printing on IU-1000F, the printer's vacuum table hisses much louder when printing the second side than it did on the first side of the print. 

Cause: Two possible causes are believed to be the case.
1: Since the first side of the print already has ink on it, it doesn't lay as flat to the table as the media would if the bottom side were clean.
2: There can be a slight warp to the media after printing the first side that causes the air leakage from the vacuum table.

Resolution: This is a normal characteristic of double sided printing. It is recommended to make sure the media is secure on the table and if needed, taped down to prevent air loss around the edges.

August 20, 2020