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Show Off! See the latest from Roland DG Customers!

One of the best parts about my job is interfacing with our customers and learning about their work. Just this week, we added over 10 new customer exhibits to the Roland DG Creative Center which lives in our lobby. Our customers’ work never ceases to amaze me. Here is a look at some of the new exhibits now on display in our lobby.

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Roland DG Turns the Big 3-0, Big Party to Celebrate

We turned 30 last month (Happy Birthday to us) and I was invited to the party! Our 30th anniversary celebration was a week-long, action-packed celebration attended by employees, friends, customers and colleagues held at the company’s headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. That’s right, JAPAN, also known as “Sushi Heaven” to some of the party-goers! Honored guests included 16 regional finalists from the Roland DG Creative Awards (chosen from the 1193 entries received from 120 countries) as well as representatives from each of the participating Roland DG offices around the world. Altogether, there were about 50 of us.

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The BN-20 T-Shirt Machine

The shirt-maker. That’s what we’re calling the BN-20 now-a-days thanks to some recent conversations heard around the office. Turns out the young BN-20 VersaStudio (only 8 months old now) is making a splash in the decorated apparel market as a T-Shirt printer. You should have seen the crowds at our booth at ISS Long Beach last week. Everyone wanted a glimpse and a sample and some more info. They were 4 deep and blocking the aisle!

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Taking in the Creativity of the Creative Awards

I don’t know about your office, but ours runs at 100mph for most of the year. I’m sure you can relate. If it’s not a tradeshow, it’s a product launch. If it’s not a product launch, it’s budget time. If it’s not budget time, it’s a web redesign. And so it goes. The best part is, that no matter how busy we are, we always manage to squeeze in a little fun, mostly due to our quirky staff. Last week for example, the Occupy movement set up camp, right in our department! (Notice Romie, our web guy. He’s a total Mac-head and he made his “iProtest” sign on his iPad.)

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Revisiting Japan… 5 Months After the Storm

It’s been 5 months since the country of Japan was turned upside down by a pair of natural disasters and a nuclear crisis. [See Dave’s Blog immediately following the crisis “The Sun Will Rise Again] While the world headlines have turned their attention elsewhere, the Japanese people are still dealing with the consequences and working on recovery day by day.

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Acrylic Graphics are Making us Grey

So we were preparing for a show the other day – the Dieline Conference. Our creative team came up with a great design for our booth and Bryan in our service bureau went to work creating it. The design required a second-surface image on clear acrylic. The chosen tool for the job? The VersaUV LEJ-640 flatbed/roll to roll hybrid printer of course. Only one problem. Our VersaUV was out on the road at a few tradeshows. Second choice? Print to high gloss paper and apply it facedown (2nd surface) to the acrylic using an extremely thin, double-sided adhesive, optically clear laminate. Piece of cake!

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Using a Roland DG product the Italian Way

What is it about the Italians that makes them so cool? The romantic language? The fast cars? The creamy gelato? The Italians certainly have a way.. they seem to draw attention without even trying. What makes them so different? Certainly their style. But I also think they are especially creative and have an exceptional commitment to quality. Earlier this year, my Roland DG colleagues in Italy contributed to my theory about Italians.

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Stickers-on-the-Go… Everybody’s Doing It

Stickers. Decals. Lettering. It’s not something that an average person ponders on a regular basis, but if we had a means, I bet we’d all use custom stickers quite regularly. This thought occurred to me as I was looking through our list of owners for the STIKA portable vinyl cutters. What an assortment of small businesses, large businesses, schools and just regular people. The STIKA is being used for custom decals, t-shirt deco, personalized gifts, bakeries, realty signage and so much more.

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