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VersaEXPRESS RF-640 64" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer

RF-640 Ink Configuration - 8 color
Can the RF-640 support an 8 color mode in addition to dual CMYK?
RF-640 Ink Configuration - 8 color
Topic - Roland DGA has announced that we will be carrying the RF-640 in an 8 color configuration (CMYLLkOrGrR)
Question - Can an RF-640 that is currently configured as CMYK be converted to the new 8 color mode?

Short Answer - No

Longer answer - The RF-640 will be sold in two configurations, either 4 color or 8 color. The 8 color configuration will be driven by Ergosoft as opposed to VersaWorks. Therefore, customers will have to select which "flavor" printer they want when they purchase, in order to receive. the correct RIP software.

August 15, 2019