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DWX-52DC 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine With Automatic Disc Changer

Message [ERROR OCCUR] 1024-0000 Milling data error
Message [ERROR OCCUR] 1024-0000 Milling data error

If you happen to receive a report of customer displaying a Message [ERROR OCCUR] 1024-0000 Milling data errorThe parameter is out of range. Please take a look at the steps in order to diagnose the situation.


Make sure the customer is using a Roland USB Cable. If the mill loses communication, the spindle will stop, and the error message will appear.


Make sure the burs in VPanel's [Milling Bur management] tab is set up correctly.

Make sure you know the tool assignment from the CAM Software.


Enter the Bur's positions as specified by the CAM software in the [Milling Bur management]. If assigning sister Burs, make sure they don't overlap the assigned position from the CAM.


  As you can see here, the file will output without any issues.


Not assigning the burs correctly in the [Milling Bur management] Tool can potentially generate this message.



Depending where the bur is assigned and the mismatch occurs the error message may appear. As you see in the following example, the error will occur when it tries to pick up ZCB-50D-US




Removing all the Burs from VPanel's [Milling Bur management] and see if the mill generates the error. If the error continues, request the customer to test another file or send the file for testing. This will help determine if the situation is related to the CAM software.

October 08, 2021