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CAMM-1 Pro Series GX-500 50" Vinyl Cutter

Pro CutterUnable to Detect Printed Crop Marks
Unable to detect the pre-printed crop marks
Unable to detect the pre-printed crop marks.

Please refer to the solutions section for possible reasons.


​1. Media not loaded correctly, more than a 5 degree slant from left to right in the feed direction.

2. Media flatness, avoid having the material curl up.

3. Color or luster of the material. Too glossy or a laminated material could influence the crop mark sensing. In this case refer to the Users Manual- Select [Tool Mode] in [Crop Mark] Menu selection. This is a manual work around.

4. Color of crop mark (from printer), make sure the color is set to black, 100% density on the printer settings.

5. Direct sun light or intense interior lighting can influence the performance in detecting the crop marks. Move the cutter to another location just to verify. The crop sensor will emit a red light onto the surface of the media.

6. Crop Mark sensor condition, inspect and clean the sensor area. It might require servicing. Please contact your Roland Dealer or Roland Authorized Service Center for assistance.

May 13, 2020