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El Abecedario de la Impresión: “P” de “Personalización de Calidad” — Innovadoras Ideas en Personalización de Productos de Alta Gama

En nuestra serie en curso de “abecedario” acerca de productos atractivos sobre los que se puede imprimir, he compartido muchísimas ideas de impresión sobre artículos genéricos tales como cubiertas de teléfonos inteligentes, pelotas de golf, afiches y muchísimas cosas más. En nuestra más reciente entrada de blog quiero mostrar algunas nuevas y fantásticas ideas que ilustran los artículos especializados de alta gama a considerar como nuevos y atractivos productos para su lista de aplicaciones.

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Show Off! See the latest from Roland DG Customers!

One of the best parts about my job is interfacing with our customers and learning about their work. Just this week, we added over 10 new customer exhibits to the Roland DG Creative Center which lives in our lobby. Our customers’ work never ceases to amaze me. Here is a look at some of the new exhibits now on display in our lobby.

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Hello, my name is…

This is my Roland DG name badge. It took less than 5 minutes to make and cost less than $1. You could sell one like it for around $6. You probably couldn’t sell this one for $6, since I have an unusual name, and anyone with my name is unlikely to have my title as well, which limits the audience substantially. On the other hand, actually making name tags for people with their names on them can be a very good business. All kinds of companies use name badges, and some of them are probably your customers already.

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