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Solucione sus problemas de software con estas informativas entradas de blog. Las entradas proporcionan instrucciones paso a paso para VersaWorks y otros programas de software de producción Roland, así como información básica sobre integración a Photoshop, Illustrator y otros programas de software comúnmente usados.

High-Volume Production Made Easy with VersaWorks

Ever run into the limit of 250 copies in VersaWorks? This little obstacle can be easily overcome by adding the same job twice to Queue A or Queue B and nesting both instances of the same job. Once nested, double-click on the “Nest” and enter 250 copies for each instance (of the same file) in the queue. You now have 500 copies of the same object. It’s that simple!

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How to View Curved Text and Other Effects in CutStudio

Curved text is a must have when doing sports or any other type of apparel appliqués. So if your text effects in Adobe® Illustrator®, such as curves, are not properly displaying in the CutStudio plug-in window, try “expanding” the text to get the desired effect. This can be done by highlighting the graphic and choosing “Object/Expand” or “Object/Expand Appearance” in order to turn the text into vector lines that can be understood by the CutStudio software plug-in. This works with just about any effect that does not register in the plug-in window. Once it displays correctly, all that is left is to output the job to the cutter!

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Select the CustomCUT in VersaWorks for Letter Perfect Registration

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to improve registration of printing and cutting when producing small decals? Well, it turns out that there is. It’s a bit hidden in VersaWorks™ , but with CustomCUT, you are able to setup segments between printing and cutting that improve registration, especially when dealing with small objects in high quantities.

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Price Every Job Right with VersaWorks

Do you want an easy way to calculate the costs of printing? Simply export the job log in VersaWorks. This powerful feature contains the figures you need to manage your business. The printer’s entire print history is given, along with the size of each job and the volume of ink consumed per job. This helps accurately track your expenses, ensuring that you price jobs competitively and with the bottom line in mind. You can find the job log under “View Menu” in VersaWorks.

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Como generar fuentes de línea única para su uso con Dr. Engrave

Antes de que usted gaste entre US$ 79 y US$ 500 en un paquete de fuentes para “grabado”, lea esto: Dr. Engrave incluye una función exclusiva que le permite crearlas usted mismo.

La utilidad se llama SFEdit y está incluida como parte del software Dr. Engrave. Esta utilidad le permite tomar cualquier fuente TrueType de Windows y convertirla en una fuente de línea única. Esto quiere decir que si usted tiene 2.000 fuentes TrueType en su PC, puede tener 2.000 fuentes de línea única para usar con el software Dr. Engrave. Además, el programa SFEdit le permite editar la biblioteca de fuentes para “limpiarlas” como mejor le parezca. Si usted nunca ha usado el programa SFEdit para crear sus propias fuentes, aquí los pasos a seguir:

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