Roland DG VersaUV LEC | Dispkoga

Design Company Impresses Clients with Specialized Soft Packaging Prototypes

Dispkoga   |   Chiba, Japan

DispKOGA Ltd. is a package design company located in Chiba, in East Japan, which specializes in soft packages for food manufacturers and private brand goods for convenience stores and supermarkets. (The company name can be translated as “Suggests attractive design.”)

DispKOGA’s team of designers begin with a careful review of their client’s needs, then they design and produce prototype packaging using a Roland DG VersaUV LEC-300. Once approved by the client, DispKOGA creates DTP data for final gravure printing of the packaging. When the project is completed, DispKOGA delivers the design data and printing instruction sheet to the client.

In many cases, DispKOGA is asked to design packaging on a tight schedule, sometimes without even having the opportunity to look at the products themselves. They produce package designs for convenience stores and supermarkets, as well as prototypes, brochures and other marketing materials for exhibitions. They have a simple photo studio in the office and the company president, Mr. Koga, takes photos of many of the products himself if necessary.

“Speed is the most critical element for most of our jobs, said Mr. Koga. “When we are creating packaging for the private brands of supermarkets and convenience stores, our delivery deadline is typically within one week. Moreover, we frequently receive an order for several items at once, on a very short delivery schedule. It is not unusual for us to have a one-day turnaround for a new product advertisement, presentation or project for evaluation by the client.”

Mr. Koga notes that almost all candy packaging uses white ink for either base or spot color. However, only a few printers can print white. Several years ago, the company used heat transfer printing and solvent printers but they were not satisfied with the color output and drying time. They looked at getting a UV printer but at that time the machines were too large for their office. DispKOGA had given up on using UV technology until they saw the Roland DG VersaUV LEC-300 at an exhibition. They were immediately impressed with the density of the VersaUV’s white ink printing.

“The LEC-300 helps us impress our clients. As a specialized package design company, that is a point on which we cannot compromise.”

“After using this printer, we are extremely satisfied with the density of the white ink,” said Mr. Koga. “The LEC-300 produces consistent white printing on clear film, whichis wonderful. Because of the high density of the ink, we can overprint CMYK colors on white without modifying the original graphics. Our designers are very pleased with its color reproduction. Although the printing speed is not as fast as some non-UV printers, we do not need to allow for drying time. We can send out samples as soon as they finish printing. We are currently working with media manufacturers to try out various media. We can even offer same-day delivery for an urgent request.”

He continued, “We always want our designs to be as realistic as possible. When our customers examine the prototype, they look at our design very closely. The LEC-300 helps us impress our clients. As a specialized package design company, that is a point on which we cannot compromise. Our niche market is small, but we are pleased to say that you can find the goods we produce in shops all over Japan.”

“Generally, people think designed objects should be displayed for the public to appreciate. However, our designs are made to be thrown away. If our designs are found in a garbage can, that indicates people ate and drank goods from the packages we designed,” said Mr. Koga. “We are very happy to see it!”