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VersaStudio BT-12 Direct-to-Garment Printer

BT-12 VersaStudio Required Accessories and Tips
Links to information and accessories for BT-12 - Comprehensive
BT-12 VersaStudio Required Accessories and Tips

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The Roland DGA Technical Services team has posted several valuable end user related documents and knowledge articles for the BT-12. Dealers will be supporting the efforts in assisting our customers as they receive their new printers. We expect the selling dealer, to be on the front line to support the customer as they will undoubtedly have questions during and after install. We continue to populate the BT-12 support site with information and tips for customer self-help.

Here are a few important need-to-know facts related to the BT-12. Click on the links, below.

BT-12: Additional Required Items for Installation

Customers need to know that starter inks and communication cables (ethernet or USB) are not included in the box. Make sure to include a set of inks in the purchase order as well as instructions on where to obtain the cables.

BT-12 Additional Supplies to get started

Other helpful and recommendations from Roland on what to have on-hand when in production.

BT-12 Maintenance Accessories & Consumables

While these items are included with the BT-12, it’s important that you review each item to understand the frequency for performing maintenance activity and when the customer needs to replace a consumable. Please discuss these topics with your customer during the installation to avoid any needless down time.

BT-12 Webinar (video): Introducing the VersaSTUDIO BT-12

Reference: Home page of the BT-12 end user support site

This is a helpful resource of information for dealers as well as customers.

April 18, 2019