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Roland DGA Announces Launch of the MDX-50 Automated 3D Milling Machine

Irvine, Calif., Sept. 28, 2016 – Roland DGA Corporation, a leading manufacturer of digital fabrication tools including 3D milling machines, 3D printers and engraving machines, today announced the launch of the MODELA MDX-50 Benchtop CNC Mill

Offered as a complete system, the MDX-50 comes with easy-to-use CAM software and features a number of enhancements over Roland’s popular MDX-40A mill, including a larger workspace, an automatic tool changer (ATC), and faster milling speed. 

“The MDX-50 takes desktop digital milling to the next level, incorporating advanced capabilities that increase overall performance and open up new creative opportunities for users,” said Matt Anderson, Roland DGA’s Product Manager, 3D Solutions. “That makes this innovative, value-packed machine ideal for handling a wide range of applications within both professional product design and educational settings.”

Since introducing the world’s first desktop mill in 1986, Roland has focused on producing 3D milling machines that are compact, easy to use and affordable. The company’s MDX series mills have proven popular among engineers, product designers and STEM educators for everything from hobbyist projects, one-off prototypes and engineering samples to short-run manufacturing. MDX mills, including the new MDX-50, also allow users to work with a wide range of resins and woods, such as ABS, POM, nylon, plastic foam, modeling wax, chemical wood, hard wood, and more.

The MDX-50 boasts many of the same features that make the MDX-40A so popular, plus a number of improvements that allow for greater productivity and an easier, safer user experience. The machining area has been enlarged 60 percent to accommodate larger models and mill multiple objects simultaneously. It’s also equipped with a standard Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) that further enhances productivity by reducing the time and effort required to replace tools. An optional rotary axis unit can rotate work materials 360 degrees for milling cylindrical objects and automating the fabrication of two-sided, four-sided and custom-angled items. Together, these advanced features ensure trouble-free, uninterrupted production.

With the increasing number of students and individuals undertaking fabrication for the first time, Roland has equipped the MDX-50 with features that ensure both simple operation and optimum safety. An integrated control panel has been added to the front panel of the MDX-50, allowing spindle rotation and milling speed to be controlled while monitoring machining conditions. The on-screen, computer operated “VPanel” provides machine monitoring capability, sends emails when machining work is complete or if intervention is required, and records tool usage time and replacement intervals, all of which helps manage workflow. The MDX-50 also comes bundled with powerful yet user-friendly SRP Player CAM software. Machining conditions can be configured in just five intuitive steps, making production easy, even for first-time users. A full cover prevents waste from scattering, while an integrated chip collection tray collects dust and debris. 

Anderson is quick to point out the role a high quality 3D mill can play in addressing increased R&D department demand for shorter prototyping and design schedules. “An advanced milling machine like the MDX-50 is the perfect complement to a 3D printer within a design department,” he said. “While 3D printers are great, often times, only a 3D mill will allow you to use materials that are similar to the final product for proof of concept prototyping. As a manufacturer of both precision 3D printers and 3D milling machines, Roland is committed to making devices that maximize the digital fabrication options for all users.”

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