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Switch to TR2 Ink Today

First generation TrueVIS owners, please be aware that TR inks are now discontinued and no longer available for purchase. Upgrade to TR2 Ink today for superior print output and machine performance.

Start here by entering your product's serial number
The serial number can be found on the product information plate on the back or side of your Roland device.

Only registered VG or SG owners can value-up their machines to feature new generation TrueVIS enhancements. If you haven’t registered your machine, you will be instructed to do so after entering your serial number.

Upgrade the Ink, Capabilities, and Cutting Power of Your VG or SG

The multi-award-winning TrueVIS brand continues to evolve and improve— offering you with next level color reproduction, image quality, cutting efficiency, and media versatility. The value-up program provides an essential upgrade to the firmware on your TrueVIS VG series printer/cutter or SG series printer/cutter. This will make it compatible with the latest TR2 inks, print/cut functionalities, True Rich Color enhancements and other new generation improvements.

It’s Easy to Value-Up Your VG or SG

Start the process today. Upon purchasing the Value-Up Kit with corresponding TR2 ink set, your machine is ready to convert to the new ink and performance upgrade.

Get the FAQ’s

Browse our FAQ’s to answer any technical questions you might have before upgrading to new generation TrueVIS color and performance as soon as possible.

Read Our FAQ's

Enter Your
Serial Number
After entering your serial number (above) and ensuring that your machine is registered and available for upgrade, you will be given a download link with further instructions on how to install the firmware upgrade to your TrueVIS VG printer/cutter or SG printer/cutter.
Purchase Your Kit
Through Your Dealer

Via your Roland dealer, you will be supplied with a Value-Up Kit that includes:

  • A full set of standard TR2 inks
  • 1 cleaning cartridge
  • A cleaning kit

Now through June 30, 2021 (or while supplies last), receive 25% off your value-up kit including first set of TR2 ink – a savings of nearly $250!

  • VG 4-Color (x2) or VG 7-Color Kit: $1,021.74 $759.99
  • VG 8-Color Kit: $981.74 $729.99
  • SG 4-Color Kit: $561.78 $419.99

Turn Up the Value on Your VG or SG

When you value-up your VG or SG, you’re not only changing your firmware to accept certified TR2 ink, but also upgrading many of the major functions and features of your machine.

TR2 Ink Compatibility for 3M and Avery Warranty Coverage

Upgrading to TR2 Ink certifies your print results on 3M and Avery Dennison media with TrueVIS series printer/cutters.

The 3M™ MCS™ Warranty covers printing onto qualifying 3M media with standard TR2 inks using a TrueVIS VG printer/cutter.*

*The 3M MCS warranty currently applies only to TrueVIS VG series printer/cutters

The Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Performance Guarantee Program program guarantees same-day print, lamination and wrapping with Avery Dennison media and standard TR2 inks using a TrueVIS VG or SG printer/cutter.



A Wider Color Gamut with True Rich Color

With True Rich Color enhancement, your color output combines neutral grays with smooth gradations and detailed skin tones to offer results that are ultra-vivid as well as exceptionally realistic.


Cutting Improvements with Multi-Crop Function

Your firmware upgrade includes improvements to the way your machine cuts. Custom crop in a few easy clicks and improve accuracy on stickers, labels, and other long run print/cut applications using the Crop Mark by Row function in VersaWorks 6.


More Efficient Cleaning Features

With the firmware update, automated cleaning cycles enable up to 54% less ink waste. In addition, an updated cleaning sequence automatically programs overnight cleaning.


Nozzle Mask Function

The firmware update includes a nozzle mask function to minimize downtime if a nozzle on the printhead is clogged and misfiring— allowing you to turn off a specific nozzle band to allow continued production.

Comparison Table


With Upgrade


With Upgrade

True Rich Color

TR2 Ink

Orange Ink

Improved Cleaning Features

3M MCS Warranty Certification

Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee Certification

New Print-Cut Features

Additional Upgrade Features

Quicker print/cut test pattern process
Updated sheet set-up sequence
New display features with temperature display during heat-up
Left and right-side alignment for cut calibration
Overcut function for sharp, clean-cut edges with easy-to-weed corners
Scale feature added to print/cut adjustment
More efficient menu navigation
Discover more features at our FAQ page

Important Notes on this Upgrade:

  • Output results with TR2 ink will be different from those of TR ink (TrueVIS INK).
  • TR and TR2 ink cannot be used together. In addition, your device ink combination (SG: CMYK) or (VG: CMYKCMYK, CMYKLcLmLk, CMYKLcLmLkWh) cannot be changed. Only the ink combination you are currently using is supported.
  • The printing speed of SG and VG series devices combined with new TR2 ink has changed in some modes.
  • Various previous data settings in your RIP will need to be updated to meet the requirements of the upgraded SG-300/540 or VG-640/540. Your settings from before the upgrade cannot be used because they do not support TR2 ink.
  • Before beginning the upgrade process, be sure to have ready, a set of new TR2 ink, a Cleaning Liquid Pouch for TR2 ink and a bottle of Manual Cleaning Liquid for TR2 ink. Unless you have these items on hand, you will not be able to complete the upgrade.