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IU-1000F Industrial Flatbed Printer

Spot Colors in Production Manager
Assigning the correct spot color to your designated colors.
Question: Do I have to use the Roland spot color names for the white/gloss/primer colors?

Answer: No, you can select any name you desire for those spot colors as long as you remember to assign the correct Spot Color Assignment (Spot_1, Spot_2, Spot_3) in Production Manager. We choose to use the Roland Special Color designations internally to avoid confusion with our other software and devices.

Spot_1 is the channel for White
Spot_2 is the channel for Gloss
Spot_3 is the channel for Primer.

Note - in certain areas, "Gloss" is misspelled as "Gross" - please note that this is an error that should be corrected at some point in the future.
October 06, 2020