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VersaStudio BT-12 Direct-to-Garment Printer

VersaStudio BT-12 Recommended Settings
Settings to help optimize the vibrancy of your prints.
Recommended Settings

While the default settings yield good print quality, the suggestions below are to optimize the vibrancy of your prints with richer, more dense colors from your VersaSTUDIO BT-12 printer.

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It is also recommended that you set the HB-12 finisher oven to Pro2 setting to increase wash durability. Pro2 settings with the default printer settings will yield up to 20 wash cycles. The recommended settings with more ink laydown will significantly increase the wash cycles.

Set the HB-12 finisher oven to Pro2
        o Turn on the power to the HB-12
        o Press and hold Temperature and Time button simultaneously until Pro2 mode appears.
        The Std mode will appear, then Pro, then lastly Pro2. Release the buttons when Pro2

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Set during Printer Driver Installation
        o During set up, you will be prompted to set initial printer settings. Click Set Now.

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        o Click on Adjust Color Density button

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        o Adjust the color values to the following (see image below):
         Black: 9
         Cyan: 7
         Magenta: 7
         Yellow: 7
        o Click OK when done until installation is

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These settings will give you rich color density when printing with Roland Design Software.

NOTE: If this step was skipped during printer driver installation, you can always go to Settings and set the
printer properties. Find the BT-12 and click on Manage button.

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        o Click on Printer Properties, Accessories tab, and Adjust Color Density button. Adjust
        color values.

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Set in Roland Design Software
        o When importing an image (JPG or PNG), view the image in the design software and adjust
        the Brightness and Contrast sliders as needed.
        o Most images look good where both settings are set to about 75%.

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        o Some photos may require different settings, i.e. 75-85% brightness and 60% contrast.
        View the image in Roland Design Software to decide what is best.

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April 01, 2019