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VersaStudio BT-12 Direct-to-Garment Printer

Fuzzy Printing
Images printed on BT-12 are coming out fuzzy.
Issue: Images printed on BT-12 are coming out fuzzy.

Incorrect Tray Height

Cause:  Incorrect tray height. Tray is too low and print head is too far from media.

Resolution: Raise the tray to its highest level and attempt to print. Then lower the tray in increments until it allows you to print. 

Note: The printer will not allow you to print if the tray is too high. However, do not lower the tray too much or fuzzy printing will occur. 

Full Workflow: 
1. Load your material and when you press start to print, use another piece of paper to hold on top of the tray so that the sensor thinks the tray is too high. You will be prompted by the printer to lower the tray.
2. Press the up arrow all the way until you cannot move the tray up any more.
3. Press the down arrow in increments to bring the tray down.
4. Keep pressing start. The printer will not let you print if the tray is too high.
5. Once the tray height is good the printer will let you print.
6. Be careful not to lower the tray too far.

Correct Tray Height

October 22, 2021