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VersaWorks Not Processing
VersaWorks will not RIP a file, and gets stuck at 1% processed. Application crashing or hanging.
VersaWorks Not Processing 

Issue - VersaWorks will not RIP a file. It gets stuck at 1% processed and hangs. 
Cause - VersaWorks appears to have an incomplete or corrupt file in its hidden folder - from installation.
Solution - Please perform the following:

1. Remove antivirus - if present.
2. Reboot the computer.
3. Remove Versaworks and all Versaworks related folders (make sure the hidden folder is removed from program            data.)
4. Restart the computer.
5. Download and install Versaworks 6.32
6. Update to 6.51 and test files.
7. Install each profile one at a time to test them and rip the file.
8. Re-Install antivirus and test pdf eps and jpg all ripped.
September 16, 2019