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LEF UV Curing Technique
New feature in VersaWorks 6 allows you to post cure.
LEF UV Curing Technique

A significant new feature in VersaWorks 6.2.3 and above lets users "post cure" their output on the LEF printers.

While this function has been available previously through the control panel of the printer, post curing covered the entire bed of the printer and was a bit cumbersome to use. UV Post Cure lets you cure only the printed area, saving time and effort. And since it’s a VersaWorks control you can set up the post cure to activate automatically once the print job is complete with no extra steps.

Step 1
Set up your print job as usual.
Step 2
In your job queue, right click on the job and drive down to the Duplicate selection. In the sub menu, select UV Post Cure Job

User-added image

Once selected, a new job is added to the queue.

User-added image

As you can see, the icon for this job is different than the original job. This icon indicates that the job will post cure only. To confirm this, you can select the job and click on your Job Settings control. Then click on Printer Settings. The UV Lamp Control should be set to UV Post Cure Only as indicated below.

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You can easily change the intensity of the UV Post Cure if you need to as well.

Once you have the new job in your queue, simply send your original job to the printer. Once that job is sent, you can send your post cure job, which will queue up behind the original job and perform the post cure after printing is done.

April 18, 2019