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Cut Studio Plugin for Adobe Illustrator CC (2021) 25.0
Quick Tip – Cut Studio Plugin for Adobe Illustrator CC (2021) 25.0 is now available The Roland Cut Studio Program is one of the most popular downloads for Orland DG. Giving the user the ability to output vector data to Cut Studio directly from Adobe Illustrator. The newest edition now supports Adobe Illustrator CC (2021) 25.0.
Here is a quick guide to install the latest version for Windows and MAC OS
  1. Download the Creative Cloud application.
  2. Go to the Marketplace tab, then select All Plugins.
  3. use the search tool located in the left hand column to search for Cut Studio.
  4. Click the Install icon and the plugin will automatically populated into Adobe Illustrator.   
  5. To view and use the plugin, click on the Window tab in Illustrator and scroll down to Extensions > Cut Studio.

February 10, 2021