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VersaCAMM SP-540i 54" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Cutting accuracy on a printer using crop marks
Suspect crop mark detection issues, cut offset issues
​Suspect crop mark detection issues, cut offset issues.

Cutting inaccuracy with using crop marks could be the result of the sensor being out of calibration, it could be a lighting issue in the room, it could even be a light reflection/glare issue with the lamination.

1) Print a job with crop marks and when it's finished printing, do NOT remove the media from the printer.
2) Use the UP arrow to reverse the media until the lead edge crop marks are positioned properly over the cutter protection strip.
3) Set the "base" point on the printer so when the printer scans for the marks, it does not advance the media.
4) Setup the software for "cut only" and send the job to the printer so it can detect the crop marks.
If the marks are not detected, or the cutting is offset of the print, the printer will require inspection and calibration.  This is where you would contact your dealer to arrange service.
However, if the job cuts spot on, then the problem is likely related to the laminate, or the way you're manually reloading the media after it's laminated.
 Try reloading the media, being very careful that you're positioning the leading edge crop marks properly over the protection strip.  Once you're 100% sure the material is loaded properly, try adjusting the lighting in the room to reduce reflection/glare that the sensor is likely detecting (even move the printer to another part of the room, if you have space to do so).
May 11, 2020