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TrueVIS SG-540 54" Printer/Cutter

Using Hard-to-Dry Media
The ink is not drying very well even with higher heater temperatures
Some materials might need more time for the ink to cure properly.

Changing the scan interval time can help to allow for proper curing.

This setting is used to extend the drying time when the ink dries poorly even if the dryer is used.
1.       Press MENU.
2.       Press several times to display the screen shown below.
3.       Press , then to display the screen shown below.


           SUB MENU                  
           SCAN INTERVAL           

4.       Press to display the screen shown below.
  OFF       OFF        
5.       Press or to select a value in seconds.
Larger values cause the media to move more slowly, enabling you to extend the drying time accordingly.
6.       Press ENTER to confirm your entry.
7.       Press MENU to go back to the original screen.


Default setting: OFF
Depending on the software RIP you are using, you can also make this setting in the software RIP. When you have made the setting in the software RIP, the printer's setting is ignored.


Applies To
SG-300, SG-540, VG2-540, VG2-640, VG-540, VG-640
April 25, 2019