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SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 64" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Take Up - External Heater - Bulk Ink Units - Compatibility List
This document provides the correct TU, HU and BU models for the various printer models where applicable.
Take Up - External Heater - Bulk Ink Units - Compatibility List
TU/HU List
Printer ModelTake Up ModelHeater ModelBulk Ink Assemblies
VG Series PrintersTUC-2 (Included with printer)DU-2N/A
SG Series PrintersTUC-2DU-2N/A
XR-640TUC-2 (Included with printer)DU-640N/A
RF-640TUC-3 (Included with printer)DU-640VSN/A
VSi Series PrintersTUC-2DU-300VSN/A
EJ-640TUC-3 (Included with printer)IncludedBIF-2
XT-640TUC-3 (Included with printer)N/ABIF-1
RT-640TUC-3 (Included with printer)N/ABIF-1
LEC Series PrintersTUC-2 (Included with printer)N/AN/A
LEJ-640TUC-2 (Included with hybrid version of printer)N/AN/A
November 05, 2018