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SOLJET Pro 4 XF-640 64" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer

Can I add dye sublimation inks to my printer?
Current Roland user wants to switch from Eco Solvent inks to dye sublimation inks
​Can I add dye sublimation inks to my printer?

Once your printer has been inked up with Eco Sol Max or Eco Sol Max 2 inks, you cannot switch over to dye sublimation inks.  Dye sublimation inks are aqueous based.  When aqueous and solvent inks mix, a chemical reaction occurs that will cause the inks to coagulate or "gum up."  This will block and damage the ink lines and your print head.  Even if you do a powerful head clean and/or choke clean, you'll be running a solvent cleaning solution through the ink lines and print head.  The leftover residue from the solvent cleaner is enough to react adversely with dye sublimation ink.
May 13, 2020