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Modela MDX-50 3D Milling Machine

VCarve Product Guide
Roland DGA will begin shipping a copy of VCarve Desktop with every DE-3 engraver and
VCarve Product Guide
To download a copy of this product guide, please click here.
Roland DGA is pleased to announce that it entered into an OEM agreement with Vectric software of the United Kingdom. Vectric is the maker of VCarve Desktop Software. In years past, Roland DG packaged EngraveStudio with the EGX-350/EGX-360 engraving machines. With the advent of the new DE-3 Desktop Engraver, Roland DG allowed the OEM agreement with Vectric to lapse based on Global and regional software demands. The original EngraveStudio is the same as VCarve Desktop with many improvements with the advent of Version 10. With this newly formed alliance with Vectric, Roland DGA will begin shipping a copy of VCarve Desktop with every DE-3 engraver and every MDX-50, MDX-540/MDX-540S milling machine.
Customers that purchased a DE-3, MDX-50, MDX-540/MDX-540S prior to November 30, 2019 may purchase a copy of VCarve Desktop for $349.00. Customers that purchase beginning December 1, 2019 will receive a copy of VCarve Desktop free with a new machine purchase.

VCarve Desktop has several key components to it:

• Text editing system includes both stroke-based engraving fonts and it uses the built in True Type library that comes with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

• The 3D CAD systems features powerful editing tools that are required to draw and design both simple and complex geometries and mechanical parts as well as sign and engraving layouts.

• VCarve has a wide range of industry standard import / export file formats that accommodate workflows with AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and other design programs.

• VCarve also includes a powerful CAM engine that gives complete control over tool path and machine production cycles and workflows.

Roland DGA users will be able to design, tool path, and manufacture anything they can imagine with VCarve Desktop. If you are a 2D engraver, 3D Engraver, Sign Maker, Engineer, CNC Programmer, Machinist, or hobbyist, VCarve will empower you and your Roland.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Why VCarve Desktop when we have SRP Player? Does VCarve Desktop replace SRP Player.
Answer: No, it does not replace SRP Player. SRP Player is designed to process and tool path STL and IGES CAD files. VCarve Desktop will not import these file formats.

Question: Does SRP Player import DXF, AI, EPS, or PDF files?
Answer: No, it will not import these 2D CAD files, but VCarve Desktop will.

Question: Does VCarve Desktop replace Dr. Engrave Plus?
Answer: No, VCarve Desktop does not replace Dr. Engraver Plus. It is supplemental offering both foundational capabilities and higher-level tool path operations.

Question: Why do I have to purchase VCarve Desktop when you now give it away free with the machines?
Answer: Due to the size of the existing MDX and DE Series installation base it would have been cost prohibitive to issue licenses back to the beginning of when these products were launched. These users can still purchase VCarve Desktop to access the same great features and workflows.

Question: What is the difference in EngraveStudio and VCarve Desktop?
Answer: EngraveStudio was based on an early version of VCarve Pro from 2013. Since then the program has developed a wealth of new features to make is easier to design and output with the program. More information on the latest features can be found via the following link:

Question: When am I entitled to get VCarve Desktop for free?
Answer: Upon registration of the machine you will receive an email with instructions to download the program through Vectric’s Customer Portal.

Question: How Much does VCarve Desktop sell for?
$349.00 USD

Question: How do I take delivery of my license to use VCarve Desktop?
Answer: Once you’ve received your MDX or DE Series product simply follow the link below to register the product. You will receive a registration code and link to the download to follow shortly.

Question: What kind of training comes with VCarve Desktop?
Answer: VCarve Desktop will come with an introductory training provided by your Authorized Roland Reseller upon installation of the system. Thereafter you will have access to a wealth of online resources from in-depth feature coverage, Project-Based instructional guides, trick tips, and an active community filled with likeminded users.

Question: Where do I get support for VCarve Desktop?
Answer: A link to a vast archive of video tutorials is built right into the start page of the program. In additional to video support your dealer, Roland, and Vectric’s support teams are available for any technical questions you may have.

Question: Is there a basic startup workflow exercise for using VCarve Desktop with my DE-3 or MDX?
Answer: A basic startup video exercise can be located on the Support Home page of the compatible product or by following this link.
January 17, 2020