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EGX-20 Desktop Rotary Engraver

EGX-20 Power Light Flashing
The EGX-20 power light is flashing, what does that mean?
​The EGX-20 power light is flashing, what does that mean?

​It all depends on the frequency of the flashing.


The power light flashes every 1/4 of a second or the machine does not operate at all

1. Incorrect data had been sent

2. Check your printer driver selection

3. Check the cable connections from the PC to the EGX-20

The power light flashes once a second

1. Too much load on the engraver. Slow down the cutting speed, check the job parameters

2. If the problem occurs frequently the cutter or spindle motor might be at the end of life

If the Z-Axis light flashes for 10 seconds

1. The spindle motor has exceeded 1000 hours, as a general guide it should be replaced.

If all lights are flashing

1. Disconnect the AC adapter from the machine, reconnect and then turn on the power.

May 12, 2020