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SOL LCD 3D Printer

SOL LCD 3D Printer What you need
SOL LCD 3D Printer What you need
What you need
In addition to the contents of the package, you must have several other items in order to use your printer effectively and make a complete print. This section outlines the items that you must acquire in addition to the items shipped with the printer.
  • Computer – You must have a computer that meets the following minimum requirements in order to run the Alpha 3D soft-ware which is necessary for creating the print file.
Table 1: Computer specifications 
  • Resin – Your printer is tested with all Ackuretta CURO- resins, but is designed to have an open materials system so you can use any 385-405 nm resin.
  • Safety equipment – You should always wear chemical-resistant gloves when handling photopolymer resins. Ackuretta also strongly recommends wearing a respirator or face mask when handling resins, and wearing UV-protective glasses when working with the internal components of the printer. Wear cut-resistant gloves when removing prints from a build platform, just in case your knife slips.
  • Washer – A bath to remove the bulk of the residue may be covering the piece immediately when the print process is complete.
  • Cleaning alcohol – Most resins require either isopropyl alcohol (99% solution) or ethyl alcohol (95% solution) for cleaning. Please contact your resin distributor or refer to the related documentation for information about the proper cleaning alcohol to use. You can also add the cleaning alcohol to a washer or bath.
  • Spray bottle for cleaning alcohol – Use the spray bottle to clean the part, your equipment, or workspace.
  • Alcohol wipes (Isopropyl alcohol 75%) – Another method for cleaning your prints and workspace.
  • Air blower or compressed air – Use the compressed air to remove alcohol and to clean the part, your equipment, or work-space.
  • Rubber or silicone spatula – Use this to move or mix the resin in the vat.
  • Scraper or knife – A sharp blade is useful for removing the part from the build platform. Dull scrapers can damage the build platform.
  • UV box – Ackuretta resins are all tested with the Ackuretta UV oven. Other resin suppliers usually recommend different UV boxes for curing.
  • Rubber mallet – A mallet is useful for removing the part from the build platform.
  • Microfiber cloth – Cleaning the LCD print screen
  • Polishing kit – Polishing the surface of your print to produce the desired finish.
Make sure you have a safe and legal place and method for removing unused resin.
July 13, 2021