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DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine (Wood Crate)

VPanel Does Not Recognize the Machine
VPanel Does Not Recognize the Machine
Is the cable connected?
Make sure that the cables are connected.Refer to the "Setup Guide" ("Connecting the Cable ") to perform the work.

Is the driver installed correctly?
If the connection to the computer is not made according to the procedure described, the driver will not be installed correctly. VPanel will not function normally if the driver is not configured correctly. Check again to ensure that the connection was made using the correct procedure.  P.73

Did you verify the connection procedure when connecting more than one machine?
There is a possibility that the connection procedure was performed incorrectly. Make sure that connections were performed correctly.Refer to the "Setup Guide" ("Connecting Multiple Units") to perform the work.

Was the machine ID changed?
If the machine's ID has been changed, restart VPanel. P.5
January 01, 1900