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DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance
Situations Requiring Maintenance

When installing the machine

Spindle Run-In (Warm-up) - Page 52


Correction the Milling Machine - Page 53

When replacing the spindle unit


When the machine has not been used for a prolonged period

Spindle Run-In (Warm-up) - Page 52

Before milling on days when the ambient temperature is low


When moving the machine to a different installation site

Correcting the Milling Machine – Page 53

When the milling position is misaligned

When symptoms such as a hole in the Z direction occur


Once A month

Retightening the Collet – Page 59

When the working time of the spindle exceeds 200 hours


When water or dust accumulates on the regulator

Regulator Maintenance (Emptying the Drain) – Page 62


When it is difficult to remove the adapter from the clamp

Cleaning after Milling Finishes – Page 48


April 29, 2020